About Us

CVRGEPožarevački humorous ska / punk band “Bump” was formed in 2011. The founders of the band (Daniel Panic and Miodrag Milovanovic) they wanted their gig based on more solid guitar sound, melodious horn sections and merry ska rhythm, with humorous texts that deal with today’s pressing issues that both individuals and the whole society. Performance at the May gitarijada in Ljubicevo, 2011 provide yourself and 3rd place of the money that they were given as a prize in 2012 recorded their first demo tape of 3 tracks. As songs are well received by the audience, “Bump” to decide that one of the songs ekranizuju (Cyber ​​Kurajber), which is part of this brought even more media attention. This was followed by performances at various guytar and clubs in cities and towns across Serbia. “Bump” in 2012 intensive work solely on copyright songs and as a result of its work in the summer of 2013 they recorded their first-born study entitled “Ska vulgarism”. The album was well received by the audience and the media, and “Bump” become the subject of interest of many magazines, portals and fanzines, both in Serbia and in the region. “Bump” their fans at the end of 2013. The joy and video for the song “Viagra”, which marks the really good reviews. The guys in this band can be proud because their firstborn of a large number of print and broadcast media considered an achievement the best debut in 2013, and is also entered in the selection TOP 5 albums in a competition organized by Radio Belgrade 202. During 2014 . the “Bump” started working on new songs presenting them with a repertoire from the album “Ska vulgarism” in performances at clubs and festivals across the country. The band performs at the 48th Zajecar Guitar Festival in the review part of the program and was well received by publike.U winter of 2014. “Bump” entering the studio, “Road”, with the famous Dragan ALIMPIJEVIĆ Pika, and starts recording songs for the band’s new single under called “Everyday party in my town.” Rise single is expected in April 2015, when the audience will be presented the video for the song “My City”, located in the same edition of the band. The current lineup is Daniel Panic (vocals), Miodrag Milovanovic (guitar), Peter Marinkovic (lead guitar), Nikola Cvijanovic (bass guitar), Ivan Stanojevic (trumpet), Dusan Murišić (trumpet) and Mark Pajkić (drums).